California Cold Chain Logistics

Having a reliable California Cold Chain Logistics service provider can fo a long way in helping your business grow and prosper for many years to come. McLane Global Logistics has over 120 years of experience in the food logistics and supply chain industry. While many things have changed in the time we’ve been in business, our commitment to high-quality service has not wavered. With our team of logistics experts, your company will be able to make the jump to the next level.

If you need cold chain logistics, in particular, you’ll want to utilize the services of a third-party logistics company with the best facilities and services. This is the only way to ensure the integrity of your food products that require refrigeration. Fortunately, you can find everything you need at McLane Global Logistics.

We offer fulfillment services at our certified warehouse, so your products will be stored and handled by our capable team. Furthermore, all of the fright methods that we utilize adhere to our same standards of excellence for food storage and transportation. Even better, we offer our exceptional services at very competitive rates. We are able to accomplish this by maximizing efficiency at every level of the shipping process. We use technology and critical thinking to develop the fastest, most reliable means of importing and exporting your goods globally and internationally. And we can accomplish this all the while saving you more money.

California Air Freight Forwarders For Cold Chain

Reliable Cold Chain Logistics

A reliable cold chain will go a long way in keeping your food products safe. Certain types of foods require specific temperatures for proper storage. Lucky for you, our facilities are climate controlled and can help you keep your valuable goods in the right conditions. Also, we clean our facilities daily and inspect them regularly to make sure that your products are always stored in a pristine space. This attention to detail has earned us the distinction of a “white-glove” facility. Not only has our warehouse been certified to store food products in general, but we are also able to safely store organic products. Thus, can rest easy knowing that even your most delicate products will be handled with care.

We keep your products at optimal temperatures at all times, whether in our warehouse on during transport. We have refrigerated freight that will maintain the same temperatures of your goods while they are in route to their destination. Thus, we don’t just offer cold storage—we supply a full cold chain for your products.

Our state of the art distribution centers will keep your products until the moment someone orders them. Your goods will fly off of our shelves! In the meantime, our temperature controlled warehouses will accommodate any needs your products require.

Food Grade Warehousing/Distribution

Transporting and handling large amounts of food products requires planning and forward thinking. You should always make sure that your shipments are being made through the most efficient routes. Our logistics experts will search for the best routes for your cargo. As a result, you will save money and time when we find ways to ship your goods in a timely manner.

Our facilities near ship ports and airports allow quick access to modes of transportation. So in terms of exporting and importing, we can ship your products from a prime location to around the world. Even more, our fulfillment services greatly assist you in satisfying all of your client’s needs.

When dealing with a large number of customers, you are also dealing with a large number of different needs. The market allows consumers to make certain requests and it is the business’ duty to make sure those requests are fulfilled. While you can hire a third-party fulfillment agency or things such as repackaging and other fulfillment purposes, we can help you take care of these requests in-house. By dealing with fulfillment services in-house, you’ll save lots of time and money.

Domestic and International Freight Services

Regardless of what you are shipping, we are confident in our ability to find the most effective routes to get your products to their destination in a timely manner. With our volume shipping power and diverse portfolio of carriers, we’ll be able to get your valuable goods shipped through the most economical routes available. The transportation team is always looking for ways to improve speeds and reduce costs.

We certainly do our best to ensure that your shipments are being tracked at all times. Thanks to our technology team, our clients are able to track their shipments with access to real-time information regarding their transactions. The customer portal is very easy to use and includes the following features:

  • Live Updates
  • Current Inventory Levels, by item and lot
  • Access to view outbound and inbound orders
  • Historical data on inventory transactions
  • Receipts attached to each outgoing order after shipping

Fulfillment Services

Finding warehouse space and modes of transportation is very important, but you can’t forget about the fulfillment of orders. Business runs on the fulfillment of orders or requests. We are fully aware of how many types of requests customers can make, hence why we offer so many types of fulfillment services. The fulfillment services we provide include:

  • Daily Picking and Packing
  • Comparing Rates and Maximizing Savings with Modern Shipping Software
  • Order Assembly and Sub-Assembly
  • Packaging and Repackaging
  • Reverse Logistics ( Product Returns )
  • Labeling and Bar Coding

Contact us today to start discussing the many ways that we can help your business grow, cut costs, and earn more money.

California Cold Chain Logistics

In today’s world of business, things are constantly changing. Therefore, it makes sense to have a flexible company that is ready to take on all types of logistical problems. When you partner with McLane Global Logistics, you bet on high-quality service and experienced minds. Allow us to help your company move goods at the speed of business.

McLane Global Logistics is ready to get your company running as efficiently as possible. You can get in touch with us by calling (281) 210-3295 or clicking here. Additionally, to learn more about our services regarding California Cold Chain Logistics, click here.

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