Logistics Companies In Houston TX

Looking for Logistics Companies In Houston TX? If so, we might be able to help. We are McLane Global Logistics, a company with over 120 years in the food logistics industry. We are a food logistics service provider that works to get clients cost-effective solutions to any logistical problems.

Our experience and knowledge in the industry will ensure high-quality service that will help your business grow and prosper for many years to come. With our help, your business will be able to move goods at the speed of business. You won’t find a logistics company with the same level of commitment to quality service. Call us today and see why we are a leading 3PL service provider.

Throughout all our years in the industry, we have seen many things change in the world. One thing that has remained consistent is our work ethic towards serving our clients the best way possible. As a logistics company, we are here to help businesses deal with a number of hurdles that will come along the way. Our team of logistics experts is fully capable of helping you create a plan for your business that will maximize efficiency in every aspect possible. We offer a multitude of food logistic solutions that will improve your company’s food supply dramatically. Contact us today to learn more about the company and the services we provide.

Logistics Companies In Houston TX

Logistics Companies In Houston TX

Food Logistic Solutions

We understand how much a hassle it can be to deal with the transport of food products. Lucky for you, our whole business was built on finding new ways to improve efficiency and decrease costs. You can rest easy knowing that our team will constantly monitor your business and its transactions to ensure the best practices are put into place. In today’s business, things can change fast and dramatically. With our services, your company will be able to adapt to any situation that may present itself. We can’t wait to get to know you and your business. Our goal is to find any ways we can improve your business’ efficiency by using our resources and cost-effective solutions.

Food Warehousing/Distribution

McLane Global Logistics has facilities that make it easy to ship and receive products from domestic business to worldwide markets. Our locations are near ports and airports to make the transport of goods as quick and efficient as possible. The facilities are state of the art and have everything needed to store and distribute food. Our warehouse management team will ensure that all your products are stored properly and safely.

Some foods require certain circumstances in order to remain in good condition. We are proud to be certified to store organic products. We received certification from the state’s Department of Agriculture. It is recommended that you make sure your 3PL service provider is certified to provide the proper services. The facilities that we use to store our client’s products are also temperature controlled. Whatever it is that your foods may need, we are ready to take care of those needs. Call us today to learn more about our facilities and services regarding food warehousing/distribution.

Logistics Companies In Houston TX

Houston Full Service 3PL Company

International Transport of Food Products

McLane Global Logistics is fully capable of getting your products wherever they need to go. Our vast and diverse portfolio of carriers allows us to be able to ship things domestically or across the globe. As we mentioned earlier, our facilities are strategically located. Your business will be able to transport goods anywhere in the world easily. With our help, your business will be equipped to handle any issues. Allow us to help your business to jump to the next level.

Moving products across international markets can be a hassle, but we are here to help. Our transportation team will create a customized plan for your business that will smooth out the process and yield great results. Your products will be safely transported with little to no delay. In the case of any sort of issue or hurdle, our experience will help us navigate and solve any problem that we may encounter. We provide many different types of shipping services, including:

  • Government Filings and Document Management
  • Truckload
  • Light Assembly
  • Real-Time Access to Information
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Receipt Verification
  • Much More

Real-Time Access to Your Shipment Information

We are all in for helping our clients keep their peace of mind. As a logistics company, we are always looking to find ways to help clients. Thanks to our technology team, we have taken a major step in making life easier for clients. The customer portal was created by our logistics and technology team. This portal is meant to serve our clients quickly and efficiently. Customers will be able to track all types of things on this portal. Valuable information such as receipt verification, dating, serial number, lots, shipment information, and much more is viewable through this portal.

The reason we invested so much time and money into creating this online service is because we truly care about our clients. We want to make sure all clients have access to useful information. Along with our excellent service, the customer portal is one of the things our clients enjoy the most.

Logistics Companies In Houston TX

Food Grade Third Party Logistics Warehouse


We are in the logistics industry to help people out, which means playing by the rules. We have all the proper certification for all the services we provide. When you partner with McLane Global Logistics, you are partnering with a legitimate 3PL service provider. We like to keep things honest and transparent. If you have any questions or concerns about our certifications, give us a quick call. We’re always happy to answer questions and concerns.

We’re One Of The Best Logistics Companies In Houston TX

There are many logistics companies around, and they all promise the same thing. All we can say is that we truly care about what we do. We are always striving to improve and learn, which is why we welcome feedback from customers. One of our favorite things to tell potential clients is that we can help move goods at the speed of business. What we mean by this is that our logistics solutions are much more than just current problem fixers. Our solutions will also help your business adapt to the times and stay ahead of the game.

Contact Us

When it comes to logistical services for food products, we are a great option for any business. To contact McLane Global Logistics, call (281) 210-3295 or click here. If you wish to learn more about our services, click here. You won’t find better Logistics Companies In Houston, TX. 

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