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Houston, TX

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Salt Lake City, UT

McLane Global Logistics utilizes two of the most active port cities in the United States to provide you access to customers across the entire world.

McLane has served large and small businesses for over 120 years. With decades of experience and connections in order processing and freight forwarding, we offer personalized transportation and fulfillment solutions to companies across the globe. No two supply chains are alike, even for products manufactured by the same company. We offer unique strategies and delivery methods for each order you receive. Regardless of order size, destination, or weather, we know how to find the most productive means of shipping your products. Furthermore, we make sure to maintain the quality and condition of your supply during the entire journey.

Now with two fulfillment centers, McLane Global Solution has the capacity to aid even more businesses with premium third-party logistics solutions. Both our new and existing locations are high caliber food-grade facilities, and we hold all of our freight and fulfillment teams to the same standard. We have the facility, freight, and team to ensure that your products reach your customers quickly and in excellent condition.

We provide our full suite of services at both our Houston, TX and Riverside, CA fulfillment centers. Our services include:

  • State-of-the-Art, Clean (certified food-grade) warehouses
  • Order fulfillment and packaging capability for imports and exports
  • 24/7 Online inventory tracking
  • Ground, sea, and air freight access
  • Temperature-controlled facilities and freight

When you meet with us, we offer you the opportunity to analyze your business methods and those of your competitors. We are confident that McLane Global Logistics will offer the most efficient means to transport your goods. However, industry insight can expose specific ways to capitalize on your competitors’ shortcomings. We’ll discuss your unique needs and identify how we can shorten your supply chain and speed up your delivery. Additionally, our order processing and government filing services can cut business expenses and save you even more time between production and delivery. Contact your nearest McLane Global Logistics center to learn exactly how we can help your business.