50 Years in International Trade.

Modern Vision and Innovation backed by a Heritage of Grocery Distribution Dating to the 1800s

Today we combine the power and flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics AX, a proprietary & robust Web-based customer platform, our talented global logistics and technology team, and strategic partnerships to support a vast array of customer specific needs. We internalize our customers’ challenges and use our in-house systems and support team’s understanding to close supply chain gaps in a constantly shifting global market.

The McLane Global Logistics Company focuses on product distribution and serves as a turnkey solution for any customer. Whether our clients are in food manufacturing, import, export, government, oil and gas industry service/support or manufacture raw materials, our solutions and international network answers the challenges of logistics and constantly works for continual process improvement and performance.

Real-Time, Web-Based Tools

Our customers rely on our freight and order fulfillment service technology team to provide access to the latest, essential data points and information in real time. The McLane Global Logistics Company portal is designed to easily track inventory, orders, shipments and more to keep pace with the speed of business today. The secure client portal includes:

  • Live updates
  • Currently inventory levels, by item and lot
  • View outbound and inbound orders
  • Historical information on inventory transactions
  • BOLs attached to each outbound order after shipping

Our technology team is happy to set you up with temporary access or a screen sharing session to walk you through our system and all the tools it has to offer.

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