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Are you looking for California Cold Storage Consultants to help you transport your food and perishable products to your customers? McLane Global Logistics can assist you in finding the perfect supply route for your products. McLane is a 3rd party logistic service. We connect businesses with their customers by providing shipping solutions. Additionally, our storage system is of the highest quality. We are an NFS Primus GFS-certified warehouse. Our facilities are ideal for storing food and beverages until they are ready for transport. If you need help sending your products around the world, get in touch with us. We can help your product enter new markets, without sacrificing a bit of quality in the process.

California Logistics

Why Use 3rd Party Logistics Companies?

If you’re in the business of manufacturing food products, you need a 3rd party logistics company. Attempting to store and ship products yourself can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. You’ll be very limited in regards to what you can store, how much, and how far you can ship it. Therefore, you’ll place limits on your company’s growth. A 3rd party logistics service connects your business with motor carriers, increasing your shipping options exponentially. When you work with a logistics company with a large network, such as McLane Global Logistics, your options are nearly limitless.

A good third-party logistics is highly adaptable, and you can use that to your benefit. Several factors can determine the best route for your product on any given day. You want to utilize the services of a company who can avert obstacles through various means of transport. McLane Global Logistics has several transport methods. As a premier third-party logistics food plant, fully embody the Global Food Safety Initiative’s values. A core part of our businesses is maintaining a network of high-quality food carriers so that we can get your products safely in the hands of consumers.

Why McLane Global Logistics?

Our impressive network isn’t the only reason you should use our services. Having access to multiple high-quality food-grade transporters is a key requirement for a logistics company for businesses who manufacturer foods. However, McLane also offers much more.

Cold Storage Facilities

Our warehouses are certified food-grade facilities. We maintain excellent cleanliness and security. When you store your products with us, you won’t risk hindering the quality of your goods. Not only is our warehouse designed to maintain the state of your product, but our freight serves this purpose as well. We can provide temperature-controlled carriers for your food. Frozen foods will stay ice cold with our fleet.

We maintain the highest quality warehouse for food processing and shipping. Furthermore, our motor carriers must adhere to the GFSI’s standards. We only utilize the strongest links in the supply chain. Your customer pays for a high-quality and safe product. And that’s exactly what they’ll get when you use McLane Global Logistics fulfillment center to ship your products.

Consulting Service

The facilities themselves are just as important as our network of motor carriers. However, we take an active approach to providing shipping service. We don’t just mindlessly send your goods along a predestined route. Instead, we analyze every link in the supply chain. Furthermore, we study competitors in your market. It’s important to know what other companies are doing well when it comes to shipping. It’s more important to know what McLane Global Logistics can do better.

With our critical approach to transporting goods, we are sure to find the best route for your product every time. Furthermore, we have the tools and access to ship your product nearly anywhere on the map. We even have multiple ways to get your product to a single place. We identify the most energy-efficient and economical way to ship your product. The end result is faster service and greater savings.

No matter how we ship your product, you can track your inventory every step of the way. We provide live updates for your entire stock. You’ll be able to see where your goods are at any given moment. In addition to tracking the inventory, you can view orders and transactions. Our online system may even replace your current inventory management software.

Find a Cold Storage Fulfillment Center You Can Trust

Food and consumer goods producers can’t trust any fulfillment center or warehouse with their product. You must be able to ensure your customers and retailers that your good are properly handles and stored. Even after a product leaves your facility, a customer assumes you to be fully responsible for its quality. In a sense, you are fully responsible. You have the option of utilizing the white-glove, certified facility at McLane Global Logistics.

Alternatively, you can find another fulfillment center. Our competitors ask for more and provide less. If you’re with another company, consider how much you can save by using our optimized service. request a free quote, and we’ll give you a numerical estimate of how much we can help your business.

Additional to all of our other benefits, McLane Global Logistics is a company that fully secures your product. In addition to our A+ certification, our facility is a Customs and Border Protection Bonded Warehouse. Additionally, we have a CTPAT Customs-trade Partnership Against Terrorism. We have thousands of square feet to store your hot and cold food and beverages. If you’re experiencing a bottleneck in your business, it may be time to expand. With more space, you can produce more and profit more.

Call Us If You Need California Cold Storage Consultants!

You don’t have to try to construct your own shipping solution. In fact, we advise against it. There’s no need to waste time learning how to navigate through the complex world of domestic and international shipping. If your business has an e-commerce site as well, your needs likely won’t be met by renting warehouse space.

Instead, you’ll need a fulfillment center. Utilize our fleet and freight forwarding solutions. Contact us to learn more about how McLane Global Logistics can assist you. Alternatively, you can call our corporate office at (281) 210-3295. We can help you get your products anywhere in the U.S. and nearly anywhere beyond. Let us be your new California Cold Storage Consultants.

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