California Cold Storage Near Me

Are you a business owner online searching for California Cold Storage? If so, McLane Global Logistics is the perfect company for you. The McLane family has been dealing with food logistics and supply chain solutions for more than 120 years. Throughout that time, many things have changed. One thing that hasn’t changed is McLane’s commitment to providing high-quality services. Our team is dedicated to our customers, always aiming to offer the lowest cost while keeping the values that built this company such as honesty, integrity, and high ethical principles.

As a 3rd party food logistics company, we are always trying to find efficient and cost-effective ways to help our partners prosper or many years to come. Our facilities provide clean and affordable housing to store and re-distribute food products to customers all over the country. The convenient location of our California cold storage warehouse allows us to provide efficient solutions that will improve your supply chain.

McLane Global Logistics offers various services from food grade warehousing to fulfillment, re-packaging, transportation, and technology services for importing and exporting purposes. When you partner with McLane Global, you should expect nothing less than a high commitment to cleanliness, efficiency, and excellent customer service. Contact us today to learn more about how we can work together towards solving your logistics problems.

Proper Cold Storage Maintenance

California Cold Storage Near Me

Reliable California Cold Storage Near Me

One of the biggest concerns for food warehouses is maintaining proper cold chain logistics in California. A proper cold chain is essential to ensure your products that demand a certain temperature stored at optimal climate and humidity levels to last.

When assessing a facility, keep an eye out for monitoring devices and adequate procedures. These procedures are meant to ensure consistency and include temperature logs and backup generators in the event of loss of power. If you are looking for a partner that meets all of these guidelines, then McLane Global Logistics is the company for you.

Our California cold storage warehouses have specified sections that are dedicated to cold chain solutions. We manage and maintain hundreds of cold chain products and mitigate all of the climate issues to ensure they are kept in optimum conditions. This can range from degree specific items such as milk, but it can also cover broad spectrums such as chocolate or certain fruit blends.

Features That Help Us Maintain Your Cold Chain

If you are a company that deals with shipping cold chain, whether it’s domestic or around the world, McLane Global Logistics can make a lucrative difference. With our massive shipping power and portfolio of carriers, we can offer solutions to all kinds for cold supply chain needs. Regardless of the product, our logistics team will design the most economical route to move your cargo with the best possible speed, climate control, and cost.


We offer our customers access to the latest, essential data points and real-time information. The McLane Global Logistics customer portal is designed to track, orders, inventory, shipments and more. This technology helps keep pace with the speed of business today. The client portal is secure and includes:

  • Live updates
  • Maintenance of temperature and humidity
  • Easy access to all of your products
  • Current inventory levels
  • View of outbound and inbound orders
  • Information on inventory transactions

Excellent Warehousing

California Cold Storage

Reliable Logistical Company

McLane Global offers a wide range of logistical services. Our facilities are designed for food warehousing services that meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. McLacold storage warehouse services are for both food and beverage products. Our food and beverage warehouse amenities include:

  • Rack and Floor Storage
  • Receiving, Storage, and Shipping
  • Receipt Verification
  • Real-Time Inventory Management: access your actual up-to-date inventory
  • Staf dedicated to the arrangement of shipments
  • Ambient, Conditioned, and Freezer Storage
  • Transportation Management: Maximizing efficiency and minimize costs

Choosing The Right Food Grade 3PL Partner

If you are a business owner, you need to have the best food grade 3PL according to your needs. In order to choose the best partner for you and your business, there are a few things you should keep in mind. You can start by defining your business needs and goals. Then you can start looking for a 3PL partner that provides the solutions that will help your business the most.

Level of Cleanliness

When dealing with food products, it is very important to choose a 3PL partner that is up to standards when it comes to cleanliness. The right partner should be able to demonstrate their commitment to cleanliness with high ratings by reputable certification agencies. Check for ratings on the company’s site if visible to the public. Many facilities will appear to be clean, but you should never assume with these matters. The best way to ensure cleanliness is to try and find records that you can review. We take pride in ensuring the cleanliness of all our facilities. With our services, you can rest easy knowing that all regulations and guidelines are being followed.

Proper Organic/Allergens Procedures

Some food products require unique circumstances. This is why it is important to find a 3PL provider that can adequately address your product’s needs. Every 3PL provider that offers storage for organic products should have all the certifications required. These certifications are received from the state’s Department of Agriculture. A reputable food grade logistics provider will have protocols established to prevent any type of allergen cross-contamination. Having a partner that follows all the regulations and standards is extremely important when it comes to ensuring the proper handling of all your food products.

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