California Ecommerce Fulfillment

Your products deserve the best California Ecommerce Fulfillment center you can find in the area. Otherwise, your business may greatly suffer. When you’re ready to expand your business, a 3rd party logistics company can assist you in many ways. Unfortunately, some business owners aren’t sure what a third-party logistics company can do for their business.

Instead of utilizing the services of a high-quality fulfillment center, they take a more difficult approach. Some businesses rent warehouse space. However, a conventional warehouse can’t provide even a fraction of the services a fulfillment can. With a warehouse, you still may be responsible for identifying and contracting transporters to ship your products. Even if you have success finding a motor carrier to ship your products, your shipping method won’t be optimized.

Even using the lowest-priced motor carrier you can cost you thousands of extra dollars over the years compared to what you would spend with a center such as McLane Global Logistics. Fortunately, you don’t have to make such a costly business mistake. You can find an e-commerce fulfillment center that can serve all of your business needs that relate to shipping. In fact, high-quality fulfillment centers can also assist you with order processing. Below, we’ll explain the customer services McLane Global Logistics can provide for your businesses. We hope that you’ll soon see why you need a third-party logistics company, and why McLane Global Logistics should be the company you choose.

California Ecommerce Fulfillment

California Certified 3PL Company

What is 3rd Party Logistics?

Third-party logistics is a service that connects business with transport services. Many third-party logistics companies operate fulfillment centers. A fulfillment center is not solely a place to store goods for the business owner to retrieve when stock runs low at the store. Rather, fulfillment or distribution centers provide storage space for goods until they are transported to the intended destination. A customer can add an item to their shopping cart and the fulfillment center will ensure that the customer receives the item. Third-party logistics companies can utilize a variety of transportation means to get the item to the buyer.

You Need A Full-Service Fulfillment Center

To make the most out of your new shipping arrangement, you need to utilize the services of a third-party logistics company. 3PL companies have a greater network of motor carriers to connect you with your customers. The more avenues of transport a company has, the better they can serve you. Fortunately, McLane Global Logistics can a wide range of freight forwarding options to ship your products. We utilize ground transport, as well as air freight. We have many options to explore, depending on where you need to ship your product. Furthermore, our motor carriers adhere to the same high-quality standards that we abide by. Your product is in great hands, every leg of the journey.

A+ Certified Warehouse

Unfortunately, an impressive network of motor carrier isn’t all your prospective fulfillment center should provide. While your product isn’t on its way to its destination, it will be stored in the warehousing and fulfillment facility. It doesn’t really make a difference if a carrier has temperature-controlled vehicles if your frozen foods have already thawed in the warehouse.

McLane Global Logistics distribution center has an A+ rating  NSF Primus GFS Food Safety Certification. Our warehouses are food-grade, white glove facilities that maintain the quality and temperature of your products. Furthermore, our warehouse is thoroughly controlled for contamination. In that way, our fulfillment services are also maintenance services. Your products should receive your product in the condition that you want it to be. We won’t hinder the quality of the goods.

Inventory Management

Some fulfillment companies require that your goods be sent in the same state that you want them shipped. While McLane Global Logistics also fulfills pick and pack orders, we also offer more. If you need kit assembly to place parts together in our warehouse before shipping, we can assist you with that as well. Our orders fulfillment services include packaging as well. We can handle more than direct transportation service. We’ll ensure that your product is ready to ship if you need us to assemble or pack your products for you.

Inventory management doesn’t only refer to how we help you assemble and pack your product. We’ll also give you live, 24/7 access to your inventory levels and tracking updates. You can view inbound as well as outbound order, review inventory, and more. You will soon notice the efficiency with which we move your products across the state or country.

We can store your product in our warehouse, but our goal is to get your goods in the hands of consumers. We provide you with the capability to access a much larger network than what may have been possible before.

California Ecommerce Fulfillment

California Logistics Services for Online Businesses

How Can We Bring You The Best of the Best?

McLane Global Logistics focuses on supply chain management. We don’t just pack and ship, we can also study fulfillment logistics. Our logistics services evaluate possible avenues to bring you the best transport method. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to our transport connection service. Even two companies shipping to the same state or country may have vastly different needs. We offer your unique business an individualized approach to transporting your goods to retailers and consumers.

McLane Global Logistics will also analyze your competition to discover the best way to give you a competitive edge. There may be markets that your competitors haven’t tapped into. You can establish yourself early and will be a step ahead of other businesses in your field. We don’t just store and ship items. We strategize how to maximize your profit and business performance with 3rd party logistics. 

California Ecommerce Fulfillment

California Freight and Ecommerce Fulfillment

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You can request a free quote from us to see how much value we can provide your business. If you’re shopping around for third-party logistics companies, it can be helpful to compare costs. However, don’t forget to also compare value. You need certified and bonded facilities, a range of fleet options, order processing, and online inventory management. Our California Ecommerce Fulfillment services can help you maximize your online business. We would love to discuss your business needs in more detail. Call us today at (281) 210-3295 or contact us online to get started.

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