California Food Logistics

Are you looking for more proficient California food logistics? McLane Global Logistics is going to be an excellent option. We have more than 50 years of experience within this industry and have assets that can help food distribution companies in particular. The supply chain is a very complex and difficult concept to master.

With the help of a food logistics company, you can make the best decisions on daily operations and how to conduct the best manner of business. We will make the processes easier and the software you utilize smoother and more comprehensive. Throughout this article, we aim to elaborate on the various avenues that food logistics can help.

However, we will also highlight some of the problems in the food industry as well. Both of these will contribute to how logistics can play an effective role in reinforcing your infrastructure and building a better reputation for your company.

California Food Logistics

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Get Your Goods To Market

We understand that it may be a daunting task to find the best route. There are plenty of different options, and some are more convincing than others. It may be hard to make a sound decision when you are stuck in a very time-sensitive situation. These scenarios can often cause businesses to make too hasty decisions that end up negatively affecting them in the long run.

To stay on top of your distribution methods, a logistics company can help consolidate your business and understand what each of your clients needs for you to succeed. We will reallocate your budget and determine what aspects of the supply chain can be reduced or taken out. This will allow for more space and efficiency over time that can be taken advantage of.

When it comes to transportation and shipment, there are specific details to keep track of. This regards the type of transportation you are using and how much volume these vehicles can support — finding out if they are going to be able to make the trip or if they have the technology to take care of your products.

In some cases, you can find a cheaper option that has less quality but makes it in a better time. There can be a more expensive option that has all of the benefits, and you have to restructure your budget to afford it but don’t see how. This is where a logistics company will perform best. McLane Global Logistics, in particular, can offer dozens of different shipment processes and carriers that can get the job done. Instead of having to search yourself, utilize our services to get the most efficient result.

Keep Your Products Properly Stored

If you have brought your goods to their destination and they need storage, it’s important to have the best facilities in place. There are situations where the inventory has to be maintained for longer periods, and that requires more specific care. The best move you can do in a scenario like this is to get a second opinion from a logistics company.

They will be able to tell you exactly what options are more affordable or worthwhile. If you find that you need a better option for storage, we are also going to be able to provide bountiful warehousing for whatever you may need. If that means temperature controlled rooms that can be altered with precision, so be it. That could also mean having the cleanest, most sanitary facility in the area to ensure health safety for your cold chain. Regardless, McLane Global Logistics can offer these options with the utmost confidence.

California Food Logistics

Food Distributors In California

Manage Your Inventory Properly

Whether you are keeping your goods in storage or shipping them worldwide, you must have proper management. If you aren’t keeping track of what products are going, entering, or staying, then there could be major discrepancies that could ultimately mean reduced profits for your company.

This can be due to several issues that you may be aware of. The first and largest issue is the method or system that you are using. For some companies, their methods are outdated because they’ve been in the industry long before the technological revolution. In other cases, they may not have the size yet to have warranted that technological advancement. Yet now, they could all need a new option.

That’s where our software will come in; we have received many accolades for our inventory management software. We can account for all of your valuable information, which spans from the inventory to the status and schedules of each shipment and storage unit. California food logistics will be the key to this aspect of a business.

The result will be a more consolidated understanding of your company at large. At this point, you can take continuously higher volumes without getting obstructed. When that occurs, then you’ll have a successful inventory process. McLane Global Logistics can help with this!

Poor Logistics Can Cost You

There are more than $2 billion in losses each year for transportation food safety failures. There are so many regulations and restrictions that the food has to have to be deemed secure. Without the proper infrastructure in place, this can go awry. Food can be mispackaged or damaged by poor shipping methods. The results can end up costing a reordering or a very bad reputation.

Either outcome will result in further problems down the line, and that’s not exactly ideal. McLane Global Logistics can make sure that the packaging is sterile, and the audits are done thoroughly to pave the way for growth, improvements, and more. We will work to ensure that you will be fully brought to speed on the legal obligations a food distribution company must uphold.

California Food Logistics

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