California Freight Forwarding Companies

Have you been searching for reliable and experienced California Freight Forwarding Companies? If so, you should consider McLane Global Logistics. We are a food logistics and supply chain company with over 120 years in the industry. All those years in the business have granted us with valuable knowledge. We like to tell clients that with our help, they’ll be able to move goods at the speed of business. The main things we focus on are providing cost-effective solutions that maximize efficiency and minimize costs. The fundamental values the company was built upon are honesty, integrity, and hard work. With our services and solutions, we can help your business make the jump to the next level.

The world has changed dramatically since we first started working in the industry. Technology has advanced tremendously, and everything seems to have sped up. What we learned from our experience is that you either adapt to the changes, or you get left behind. This is why our solutions are so useful. We work hard to create solutions that will be helpful for a long time. The solutions will not only help your business’ current issues, but they will also prepare for potential hurdles in the future.

When you partner with McLane Global Logistics, you can expect a high commitment to great service. We truly enjoy working in the logistics industry, and we take our job very seriously. Although we have so many years of experience, we are still learning new things every day. We hope that we can form a partnership that will be long-lasting. Allow us to be part of the journey to maximizing your business’ efficiency and profit.

California Freight Forwarding Companies

International Freight Forwarding

Modern Freight Solutions

In the modern world, everything is just a click away. Technology has improved so much that Information is available to anyone at any time. This is very beneficial, especially when it comes to freight services. Transporting your products across the country and around is a complicated matter. Out transportation and logistics team uses state of the art technology to ensure your shipments are handled with much care.

For us to best serve your company, we first need to get to know the company as well as possible. The way we gather Information is by meeting with our clients in person for the most part. We like to discuss the goals and needs that the company in question has. This is where great customer service comes in handy. Our friendly staff will make sure we get all the Information necessary to provide high-quality logistics services.

Once we get all the Information necessary, we then move on to tackling all present issues. Our team of logistics experts will work on creating a plan of action tailor-made for your business. The goal is always to find ways and areas in the company where money and time can be saved. Whatever type of transport it is, we’re confident in our ability to help you come up with great cost-effective solutions. Our intermodal freight services include the following:

  • Truckload
  • LTL (Low Truck Load) and Consolidation
  • Temperature Controlled Storage
  • Intermodal Transportation
  • Air Freight
  • Container Freight
  • Top-Quality Customer Service
  • Help with Government filings and Documentation Management
  • Much more
California Freight Forwarding Companies

Third-Party Logistic Company California

Real-Time Access to Shipment Information

You won’t find better transportation services than those of McLane Global Logistics. With our volume shipping power and extensive portfolio of carriers, we’ll provide your business with the most economical routes available. We are a full-service company for all kinds of logistics solutions. This means that we are responsible for improving any areas of operation that can be improved, including technology operations.

Thanks to our technology team. Clients will have access to real-time Information about all of their shipments and transactions. In the customer portal, clients will be able to view essential Information regarding all of their food products. This is a great tool that provides customers a bit of peace of mind when it comes to import and export services. The customer portal is very easy to use and has a friendly interface. The customer portal is accessible to you and provided the following features:

  • Receive Live Updates
  • Current inventory levels, by item and lot
  • Ability to view outbound and inbound orders
  • Historical Information on all inventory transactions
  • Receipts attached to each outbound order after shipping

Additional Services

McLane Global Logistics does much more than just deal with freight solutions. We also offer services in other areas of food logistics. We like to keep our minds open to new ways to learn and improve. Our goal is to learn and improve right beside the business’ we partner up with. When you choose us as your partner, you are gaining a valuable asset that is open to criticism. The objective is to help your business in as many ways as possible, and if we are failing to do so, we ask for you to let us know. Our lines are open for feedback, both positive and negative.

California Freight Forwarding Companies

California Freight Forwarding Companies

Food Grade Warehousing

Two important requirements for food products are proper handling and optimal storage. Before food products are shipped to their destinations, they are stored in some sort of warehouse space. We are happy to provide state of the art warehouse space to store all kinds of food products. Certain types of foods require certain types of storing conditions to remain eatable.

All of our facilities are temperature controlled. This guarantees that your products are stored properly to keep their quality. You can rest easy knowing that good hands will handle your food products. The warehouse team works diligently to ensure that the best standards are being followed at all times. Contact us today to learn about how we can keep your valuable products safe and ready for shipment.

California Freight Forwarding Companies

If you are searching for a new 3PL service provider to handle the transport of your food products, contact McLane Global Logistics. You can get in touch with us by calling (281) 210-3295 or clicking here. To learn more about what sets up apart from other California Freight Forwarding Companies, click here.

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