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Any business dealing with the shipping of food products should have a 3PL provider with the highest quality of California Freight International services. If you agree with the previous statement, you will be interested in McLane Global Logistics. To elaborate, the company provides solutions to expand businesses greatly.

The McLane name and has been involved in the food-grade logistics industry for over 120 years because we are fully committed to our customers, and we also do our best to ensure only the highest quality of service. Our company is built on the values of honesty, integrity, as well as our high ethical principles. Our hope is to bring our experience and expertise to as many businesses as possible.

California Freight

Reliable California Freight International

Our facilities are designed to provide clean and affordable warehousing. The warehousing facilities will facilitate the storing and redistribution of food products for export and import in order to serve your customers best. Also, our locations are conveniently placed to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to improve your supply chain.

With our services, your business will be able to grow as well as prosper for many years to come. Our full list of services includes food grade warehousing. For instance, our warehouse is certified to store organic products and provide temperature-controlled space. Additionally, we provide fulfillment, re-packing, transportation, and technology. We offer these services for importing and exporting as well as domestic business.

California Freight International & Domestic Forwarding Services

If you are a business that currently deals with international trade, our services can greatly improve the process of moving goods across markets. On the other hand, if you are a business that currently deals only with domestic markets, we can still be of service. In sum, we are in the business of helping businesses prosper and grow. Therefore, we gear all of our services towards improving as many aspects of a business as possible.

We are a one-stop-shop for cost-effective freight forwarding across the country and around the globe. Thanks to our volume shipping power and our diverse portfolio of carriers, our team offers full-service solutions for all your supply chain needs. Therefore, you can rest easy with the assurance that our hard work and dedication will ensure the best service available. Our freight management team will work diligently to design the most economical route for all of your cargo. McLane’s services will ensure your valuable cargo is moved with a balance of speed, reliability, and cost.

Freight Logistics & Shipping Services

  • Truckload
  • LTL (Low Truck Load) & Consolidation
  • Temperature Controlled Conditions for all Types of Product
  • Intermodal shipping solutions
  • Air Freight
  • Container Freight
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Government and Regular Document Management
    California Intermodal

    Experienced California Freight International

We Offer Real-Time Access to Your Shipments and Documents

McLane Global Logistics has 50 years as part of the International Trade Industry. Fortunately, all of our experience has allowed us to learn and improve so much throughout that time period. Today, we use easy-to-use software to support many needs that our customers may have.

Our focus is on food and sanitary product distribution and offers solutions to a wide array of logistics problems. McLane Global Logistics has experience in food manufacturing, import, export, government, oil, and gas industry service/support. We gear our logistics solutions to solve current issues. We constantly work to improve performance.

Real-Time Access to Product Information

McLane’s technology team provides access to the latest, essential data points and information in real-time. For example, the online client portal allows you to track inventory, orders, shipments, and more easily. All of this is meant to keep pace with the high speeds of today’s business. The customer portal is secure and includes:

  • Live updates
  • Current inventory levels, by item and lot
  • View orders, outbound or inbound
  • Information on the history of inventory transactions
  • Receipts attached to each outbound order after shipping

Import Services

food logistics

Experienced California Freight Forwarder

We have strategically positioned facilities to import and export goods all over the world. With our team’s knowledge and experience, we help businesses navigate all aspects of importing products from transportation to dealing with regulations. We strive to find creative and cost-effective solutions that will be of service for a long time. In sum, our solutions for import and export services include:

  • Logistics Support for air, ocean, and drayage
  • Air and sea container upload and palletizing
  • Light Assembly
  • Receipt Verification
  • Assistance with government clearance and compliance
  • Real-time management of inventory

Export Services

Subsequently, our company has over 50 years in the industry. All of those years have given us experience and knowledge of the many ins and outs of shipping overseas. Fortunately, we can help you map the best strategy for exporting your business to global markets. For example, here are a few of the various solutions we provide for exporting food products.

  • Consolidation and receipt verification: Quantity, dating, and serial number
  • Light Assembly
  • Container Loading
  • Coordinate shipping with our network of carriers
  • Assistance with government filings and documentation management

Guaranteed Cleanliness

When it comes to food products, it is very important to focus heavily on cleanliness. Therefore, when you are in the process of looking for a reliable and experienced 3PL provider, there are many things to keep an eye out for. Firstly, A great way to ensure a 3PL provider’s cleanliness is with ratings. Thus, ask your logistics provider if they are able to demonstrate their commitment to cleanliness with superior ratings. Additionally, these ratings should be by a reputable certification agency.

Second, you should also check if the company’s ratings are displayed on-site and if they are available at any time. Unfortunately, some facilities may appear to be clean, but it’s only on the surface. However, it is always best to make sure. Therefore, your best bet is to go over their records to confirm their commitment to cleanliness. This ensures the company and facility you choose is clean in addition to being well-maintained.

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Are you are a business owner in need of international transport of goods. If so, you might be interested in our services. Fortunately, McLane Global Logistics has the experience and knowledge to help you and your business grow and prosper for a long time. You can get in touch with us by calling (281) 210-3295 and also by clicking here. To learn more about our California Freight International services, click here.

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