California Fullfillment Center

You may be already using a California Fullfillment Center to get your goods in the hands of the consumer. On the other hand, perhaps business is expanding and you need a place from which to store and ship goods. If you’re already using a warehouse, a switch to McLane Global Logistics can help you optimize profits and outcomes. If you’re new to the world of external and third-party shipping services, McLane Global Logistics can give you a great head start in your industry. With our services, all you’ll need to do is provide the product. Our team will handle the orders, transport, inventory tracking, and more.

California Fullfillment Center

3PL Warehouse California

What is a California Fullfillment Center?

A fulfillment center is a physical location where products are stored, then sent to the customer. A fulfillment center differs from a warehouse. The term “warehouse” is used to describe a building that can hold a large number of products. However, a warehouse doesn’t typically ship products to consumers. If business is conducted at the warehouse level, it’s done with wholesalers and business-to-business orders. But more often, a warehouse is used to store overflow inventory. A company may keep products in their retail location. However, extra items can be retrieved from the warehouse as needed. Thus, instead of causing a safety hazard, businesses store products safely in a warehouse.

McLane Global Logistics has a large warehouse that can store your goods until you need them. However, where we really shine is in our duty as a top-notch fulfillment center.

At a fulfillment center, products are stored until they are shipping directly to a customer. These centers can also handle commerce fulfillment at the business-to-business level, so you don’t have to find a separate warehouse to accommodate all of your business partners. However, a fulfillment center goes above and beyond the services of a warehouse. A warehouse functions more like a storage solution. On the other hand, a fulfillment center is a shipping solution. You store your products at a fulfillment center, and the products are delivered to the consumer as they are ordered. The result is faster service and the capacity to achieve order fulfillment at a high volume.

California Fullfillment Center

Logistics Fulfillment Center California

Why You Need McLane Global Logistics’ California Fulfillment Center

Our fulfillment services extend far beyond the standard pick and pack. McLane Global Logistics is a full-service fulfillment center. We have many ways to help your business become more successful.

“White Glove” Warehouses

A minimum requirement for fulfillment companies is a high-quality warehouse. At McLane Global Logistics, we set our standards exceptionally high. Our facilities are certified food grade, white glove warehouses. We maintain the highest standard in regards to cleanliness and security. You can even store food in our facilities and transport goods in our temperature-controlled freight.

Domestic & International Freight Forwarding

We have various means to ship your products once a customer places an order. We use the most economic means to deliver your product, in order to save you and the customer the most money. However, we never sacrifice speed or reliability. For us, “economical” means “least wasteful.” We eliminate unnecessary links in the supply chain. Therefore, we naturally cut costs. McLane Global Logistics freight forwarders can connect you with the best trucks, air transport, and containers. Furthermore, we don’t make unnecessary turnarounds or diversions. Fast and inexpensive shipping is a large component of great customer service. This, in turn, can become a great selling point. Simply by doing the job we’re pros at, we help earn your business even more business.

Logistic Services

Many companies like to start with our logistics offerings to evaluate areas where their business can improve. We study your business and well as your competitors. Most business transferring to McLane Global Logistics from other distribution centers have one or more areas where they can improve their shipping process. As a result, the business will have fewer expenses and greater profits. If you haven’t extended your business into the international market, McLane Global Logistics can help. We can help your business increase in volume as well as in range. A business can only expand as far as they have the opportunity. Don’t limit yourself or your success with a fulfillment center that can only drop ship items to the East Coast. Instead, call McLane Global Logistics.

Inventory Management

One of our most innovative offers includes live inventory management. With McLane Global Logistics on the west coast, you’ll have access to live updates and current inventory levels. Additionally, you can view orders, order history, and more. We handle the shipping and order processing, but you’ll still have complete knowledge of and access to every product in stock. From the time it arrives at our warehouse to the moment it’s in your customer’s hands, you’ll have every detail.

…And More!

Our fulfillment center benefits aren’t limited to what is listed above. We offer a huge array of other services, including government filings and distribution. If it has anything to do with getting your product to your customer, we’re sure we can help. We identify the unique needs of your business and employ the means to satisfy them. Furthermore, we can do in a way that reduces unnecessary waste and cuts business expenses.

California Fullfillment Center

California Fullfillment Center

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McLane Global Logistics doesn’t just want to help you send your products to your customers. We want to help you maximize business in all areas. We’re a 3rd party logistics company that offers many services that you won’t find at other distribution companies. Furthermore, we offer our services at a price most of our competitors can’t beat. We designed our own business model with you, the business owner, in mind. We know that the more benefits we provide to you, the more we both can expand.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business and your profits. You can also call out office at (281) 210-3295 to get in touch with our California fullfillment center.

Riverside CA Fun Facts

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