California GFSI

If you’re in the consumer goods industry, you’ve probably heard of the California GFSI. The Global Food Safety Initiative, otherwise known as GFSI, is the global standard for food handling worldwide. GFSI benchmarked standards for safe food storage and distribution. The goal of the organization is to bring together all involved with any part of the food handling process. GFSI accomplishes this mission by creating and dispensing the high standards of proper food handling. As a result, the providers and consumers of food and other consumer goods have an improved relationship. With fewer food safety risks and audits, consumers and customers can place more trust in the suppliers.

Businesses related to consumer goods would be very wise to adhere to GFSI’s food safety standards. These standards are science-based and internationally-recognized. Any person involved with food safety has a responsibility to reduce the risk of food-borne illness. Fortunately, McLane Global Logistics can help you keep your products safe and secure.

California GFSI

California GFSI

What is the California GFSI Standard?

The Global Food Safety Initiative is not a food safety certification program within itself. However, companies can become accredited or certified to administer or receive GFSI-worthy credentials. A GFSI certification implies but does not guarantee that a particular business or supplier carries out the highest degree of food safety. These standards not only include proper handling but also cutting costs and material waste by reducing redundancy in the shipping and transporting process. Furthermore, GFSI aims to ensure consistency in regards to how businesses and employees carry out these actions. Additionally, GFSI aims to build an international network of suppliers and transporters to exchange and collaborate.

Global Food Safety Initiative includes standards relating to not only food safety, but also quality management, product and process control, facility standards, and personnel.

Food Safety & Quality Management

To adhere to the food safety initiative GFSI has set forth, supplies must be able to manage quality. This includes complaint handling and purchasing. Aspects related to the quality of food also include documentation, traceability, and internal certification audits. These actions should all have a customer focus. The goal is to consistently deliver the same high-quality, safe product to the consumer.

Product and Process Control

Product control varies from quality management in that this aspect relates more to the materials and packaging of the product. Not only must your food be high-quality, but the packaging must ensure that this quality is maintained during the transport process. Furthermore, food shouldn’t be at high risk of alteration or tampering prior to purchase. Packaging must undergo an inspection, laboratory testing, and more before release.

Process control refers to the operation of manufacturing the food product. Not only should you consider quality, but also the quantity that you can reasonably produce and transport. This balance should be measured constantly to ensure safety standards and consistent results.

Fortunately, McLane Global Logistics can help you exponentially increase your transport capacity. We provide volume shipping solutions, whether you need additional freight, packaging, warehousing, and more, to help you move your food products safely around the world.

California GFSI

California Food Safety Systems and Storage

Facility Standards

Businesses that adhere to the GFSI food safety management system follow rigorous standards of facility selection and upkeep. External standards of excellence must be followed, as well as internal specifications. For example, security, pest control, waste management, and more must be regulated to avoid foodservice issues. McLane Global Logistics warehouses are considered “white glove” facilities. In addition to meeting the abovementioned standards, our buildings are cleaned on a daily basis, temperature-controlled, and regularly treated and inspected to eliminate all forms of contamination.


Guidelines for personnel include training, proper hygiene and clothing, and medical screening. Our warehouse team and freight managers meet, if not exceed, a GFSI certifier’s expectations. You can trust the quality and safety of your product in the care of any warehouse, truck, plane, or person involved with McLane Global Logistics.

California GFSI

3PL Food Safety Issues Solutions

How McLane Global Logistics Can Help

Our goal is to take on your needs as our own. Instead of trying to handle every single aspect of your business, focus on what’s going to make you the most profit: your intellectual capital. While you further your business strategy, we’ll get your product further than you may have ever imagined you would conduct business.

McLane Global Logistics is the premier international third-party logistics provider for food and consumer goods companies. We help businesses manage inventory, transportation, assess shipping costs, and more. With our array of services, you can cut costs. We’ll help you eliminate links in the supply chain. Your product will move faster. Furthermore, your bottom line will look even better than before. McLane also analyzes your competitors. Chances are, they aren’t taking advantage of the most efficient means. We offer a superior method of storing and transport products. Capitalize on your competitor’s mistakes by working with our 3rd party logistics service. We have various means to get your products in the hands of retailers across the globe.

What is Third-Party Logistics?

You may have never considered 3rd party logistics before. Instead of spending time and resources shipping your products directly, enlist the help of McLane Global Logistics. We help you maximize your production capacity. Your own space may be limited, which places a cap on how much you can produce. As a result, there’s a glass ceiling on how much you can earn and expand. A third-party transport service can store your products and ship them as scheduled. Alternatively, you can hold products in our warehouse short-term and quickly transport goods.

We have many options because each business is unique. However, each business will have real-time access to shipments and documents. You’ll know where your goods are, every part of the way.

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While we place a high priority on food safety, shipping California GFSI foods and beverages for food supply chains aren’t the only use for McLane Global Logistics services. No matter what product you create, you can safely and securely transport it through our warehouses.

Our shipping methods include truck, air, and container. We can accommodate your business’ needs in any industry. Contact us today by calling (281) 210-3295 or visit us here. We’d love to discuss your business needs and assist you with your domestic and international expansion.

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