California Intermodal Container Freight Brokers

It can be hard to find reliable California Intermodal Container Freight Brokers. However, McLane Global Logistics is more than happy to serve all of your transport needs, including brokerage for intermodal shipping. We have been in the food logistics and supply chain industry for more than 120 years, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Our carriers are reliable and expeditious. They can coordinate with us at a moment’s notice to get your goods to market in the most effective manner. Often, intermodal is an option selected to maximize efficiency and conserve time. We ensure that our transportation routes will enhance your logistics immensely.

We plan to keep growing and improving alongside the many businesses that we partner with. Certainly, when you choose to partner with McLane Logistics, you are making a wise investment towards your business’ future. Therefore, allow us to be part of the journey towards improving and growing your business or many years to come.

California Intermodal Container Freight Brokers

California Intermodal Container Freight Brokers

Reliable and Experienced California Intermodal Container Freight Brokers

Transporting your goods across domestics and international markets can be a hassle. Luckily, McLane Global Logistics is experienced in this sort of service and would gladly help you and your business when it comes to freight services. We call ourselves the one-stop-shop for freight forwarding across the country and around the whole world. Our volume shipping power, combined with our vast and diverse portfolio of carriers, makes us the best option when it comes to 3PL service providers.

Our freight management team is ready to help your company improve its freight route. You can rest easy knowing that our team will work diligently to design the most economical route possible. With our help, your business will be moving goods with a balance of speed, reliability, and cost. Call us today to begin the process towards a better way of transporting goods. Our goal is to help our partners stay up to speeds with an ever-changing market.

California Intermodal Container Freight Brokers

California ocean freight and air cargo

When You Use Intermodal Shipping, Technology Is A Must

The McLane company has over 50 years of international trade. All of those years of experience have taught us many lessons on how to keep adapting to the times. As we all know, technology is a huge part of today’s world. We live in a world where technology makes everything quicker and easier. Areas where this can be seen are specifically in the realm of intermodal transit. We can coordinate much faster and more efficiently through technology. A digital route to speaking with the correct representatives can get us results far more effectively.

Our talented logistics and technology team have worked very hard on our customer portal. The customer portal is meant to help clients stay aware of all that is going on as their valuable goods are being transported all over the world. Thanks to the technology our team developed, customers have access to the latest and essential information in real-time. The customer portal was developed to help clients track inventory, orders, shipments, and more. This type of access helps our clients keep pace with the high-speed of today’s business. Our customer portal is secure and includes:

  • Live Updates For Packaging, Shipping, And Procurement
  • Current Inventory Levels by Item and Lot
  • Access to Outbound and Inbound Orders
  • Historical Data on Inventory Transactions
  • Receipts Attached to each Shipping Order
California Intermodal Container Freight Brokers

California Freight, Warehousing, and Distribution

Importing/Exporting Services

When considering intermodal shipping, there are several key aspects to consider. The first being how extensive the rest of their services are. They may be able to provide you with intermodal services for short distances or only domestically. In order to know the true extent of what a 3PL company can do for you, they must have a larger repertoire of services.

McLane Global Logistics‘ shipping and transporting team will ensure that your products are tracked at all times, in order to ship your products to be shipped in a timely fashion. We will determine when intermodal routes are ideal over alternatives. This can help us avoid obstacles or time-consuming layovers. Moreover, if any hurdles do come up, we have trained to handle these situations in an efficient manner. We have a brief listing of our other services for you to view below,

Importing Services

  • Air/Sea Container Unload and Palletizing
  • Light Assembly
  • Verification of Receipts
  • Assistance with Government Compliance and Clearance if needed
  • Real-Time Access to Inventory and Inventory Management
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection Bonded Warehouse

Exporting Services 

  • Order Consolidation and Verification of Receipts for Quantity, Dating, and Serial Number
  • Multilingual Translation Services and Labeling/Relabeling/Ink Jetting
  • Light Assembly
  • Container Loading
  • Drayage Coordinating by using our Network of Carriers
  • Managing Government and Regular Documentation

What Other Services Do We Offer?

McLane Global Logistics can adapt to whatever changes the market may present. Thanks to our vast logistics services, we can keep your business at the forefront of your industry by ensuring that your goods reach the market in the fastest and safest condition. Additionally, we’re always looking to improve and find new ways to maximize efficiency.

Our Freight Logistics & Shipping services include:

  • Truckload
  • LTL (Low Truck Load) & Consolidation
  • Temperature Controlled Storage
  • Intermodal Transporting Services
  • Air Freight
  • Container Freight
  • Top-Quality Customer Service
  • Assistance with Government Filings and Documentation Management
  • Real-Time Access to Your Shipments and Related Documents
  • Much More

Call Us If You Need California Intermodal Container Freight Brokers

With over 50 years of dealing in North American and international commerce, we well-equipped to handle any situation presentable. The knowledge we have on the ins and outs of shipping overseas will be priceless for you and your business. Call us today and allow us to begin the process of mapping the best strategy to ship your goods across the international markets. We’re the California Intermodal Container Freight Brokers you need to expand your business.

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