California International Logistics Solutions

For high-quality California International Logistics Solutions, contact McLane Global Logistics. We are a food logistics and supply chain company with over 120 years in the industry, providing international logistics service for over 50 of those years. Due to all our experience, we have the expertise required to help your business improve efficiency while reducing costs. With our services and cost-effective solutions, your business will be ready to make the jump to the next level. Furthermore, we can guide you through the world of international trade and make the process much less overwhelming.

As a result of today’s ever-changing business world, it is essential to be able to adapt to different situations. We are well aware of the difficulties of owning and operating a business. We also understand the importance of saving money and time, whenever possible. Our team of logistics experts is specialized in finding ways to improve your company’s efficiency. Furthermore, our cost-effective solutions will not only solve current issues, but they will also prepare your business or future hurdles. Our job is to help your business grow and prosper for many years to come.

When you partner with McLane Global Logistics, you can expect the highest quality of service. The fundamental values the company was built on are those of honesty, integrity, and hard work. As are a result of our commitment to high-quality service, your business will be able to handle whatever hurdles may come it’s way. Allow us to join you on this journey of growth and learning.

California International Logistics Solutions

Logistics Warehouse in California

International Food Logistics

When dealing with international commerce, there are many factors to keep in mind. There is a long process involved in getting food products to consumers. Therefore, it makes sense to have 3PL service providers with vast experience and knowledge in the ins and outs of international trade markets.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that the company you utilize has the facilities and freight that can accommodate all of your needs. Fortunately, McLane Global Logistics can ensure fast, reliable shipping while maintaining the integrity of even your most delicate and sensitive products. Below, we’ll explain a few of our great offerings that make a leading third-party logistics provider for companies throughout the nation and beyond.

Food Warehousing

Before foods are shipped and ready to be distributed, they are first stored in some warehouse. It is vital to store the products in the right conditions to maintain the quality of the products. McLane Global Logistics utilizes pristine “white glove” warehouses to store your products. We have refrigerated areas for sensitive goods and clean the facilities daily. Additionally, our team monitors all of the conditions of the warehouse, including temperature. It is to ensure that every product is in the optimal state.

Our warehouse team is excellent at making sure that all procedures are clean and safe. Some of the ways we maintain clean and safe warehouses include:

  • Scrub floors on a weekly routine schedule
  • Scrub high traffic areas daily
  • Inspect and clean products to minimize dust, dirt, and allergens
  • Regular cleaning schedules on racking and hard to reach areas
  • Routine rodent and insect inspections

Maintaining a reliable cold chain is very important when dealing with certain food products. Due to specific temperature requirements, you want to make sure your warehouse space is equipped to meet all the needs the food products may have. Lucky for you, our facilities are state of the art and will be able to handle any conditions that your products may require. You can also schedule a tour of our facilities in case you want to see how our warehouse space is maintained.

California International Logistics Solutions

California International Logistics Solutions

Order Fulfillment

We don’t just store your product. We also have the capacity to fulfill orders. All the while, you can track and manage your inventory via our secure online client portal. In the portal, you’ll be able to view live updates about your stock and shipping destinations.

At McLane Global Logistics, we have team members available to package and assemble your products as well. Let us know what preparation your product needs prior to being sent out, and we can accommodate you. This allows you to cut down on your costs, number of employees, and save time.

Distribution Services

McLane Global Logistics’ facilities are strategically located near ports and airports. As a result, your products will have quick access to multiple forms of shipment. The warehouse team will make sure that all of your cargo is organized and ready to be shipped across the country and around the world. We utilize any variety of freight methods to help you achieve your shipping goals. This allows us a large degree of flexibility in regards to cost, speed, and specificity of destination when exporting or importing your products. For example, we can utilize intermodal routes to save you the most money or even deliver door-to-door.

We make it our mission to provide you with the most economical freight methods, no matter your specifications. We are able to consistently accomplish this by eliminating redundancy and amassing an impressive network of freight forwarders. When you select McLane Global Logistics as your third-party logistics company, your products will be shipped with a level of efficiency you never thought possible before.

Certifications & International Access

No matter what your business needs, you can be sure that McLane Global Logistics provides legitimate international import and export service. We are certified with the Department of Agriculture and bonded by U.S. Customs & Border Control. Furthermore, we can work closely with the government to assist you with necessary governmental filings. Our shipping methods are transparent, trustworthy, and safe.

California International Logistics Solutions

California 3PL

California International Logistics Solutions

When it comes to international logistics, McLane Global Logistics is a great choice to consider. Our experience and expertise can help your company in many different ways. Contact us by calling or clicking here. To learn more about our California International Logistics Solutions, click here.

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