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Getting your goods to market.

McLane Global Logistics is your solution for freight forwarding across the country and around the world. With high-volume shipping capability and a broad portfolio of carriers, our experienced freight management team offers full, turn-key solutions for all your supply chain needs.


Expedient Ground Teams Are At The Ready

McLane Global Logistics offers a wide array of services for companies with shipping needs. We have access to over 150,000 carriers and our selection of freight includes reefer, as well as flatbeds and step decks. Our logistics team can provide solutions for any of your transportation needs, from LTL to oversized loads.


Your One-stop Shop for All Your Logistics Needs


Frozen Goods

Frozen Meals

Dry Foods

Raw Materials


Oil Field Plastics

Building Materials

Time-Sensitive Products

Temperature-Sensitive Goods

TWIC & UIIA (All Ports)




Crating and Packaging




Project Cargo

Break Bulk

Customs (International Logistics)

and more!



We Will Coordinate All Of Your Aerial Operations

Our access to air freight allows your company to access all parts of the globe. We manage and oversee dozens of available supply chains that link goods to consumers. McLane Global Logistics freight forwarding network affords us the capability to provide reliable air transport to and from any destination, including door-to-door.

International Access

McLane Global Logistics can assist with the documentation of the proper paperwork needed for import and export through the air, ground, and sea. We have the capabilities to work closely with the governing authorities to ensure that your product and packaging adhere to the applicable laws and standards of your shipping destination.


Our Resources & Solutions For Maritime Freight

Our logistics team delivers the highest level of efficiency for maritime transportation needs. McLane Global Logistics has provided shipping solutions for several decades and has the resources and network to fulfill your shipping requests. We customize our maritime services for each unique shipping need, and our worldwide partners facilitate international ocean transport.

  • Full Container Load (FCL)
  • Less than Container Load (LCL)
  • Refrigerated Containers
  • Hazardous Containers & Dangerous Goods
  • Loading, Unloading & Trans-loading
  • Full-Vessel Charter
  • Break-Bulk Cargo
  • Project Cargo


Connecting Land, Air & Water

We use cost-effective routes for domestic intermodal transport. Companies who need to send and receive frequent or routine shipments make use of our reliable domestic intermodal services to save money and time. The McLane Global Logistics intermodal shipping network quickly and effortlessly connects ground, air, and ocean freight for efficient international shipping service. This flexible mode of freight can reliably transport drayage, permit loads, and break-bulk cargo to any destination.

McLane Global Logistics guarantees that working with our team of intermodal experts will employ the most cost-effective, direct routing methods for your cargo. We only utilize transportation services that maintain the quality of your shipment and ensure prompt delivery.

If you would like to find out what we can do for your specific items, contact us to speak with one of our representatives.



  • Real-Time Access to Your Shipments and Documents

  • FCL Tariff and LCL General Pricing

  • Choose the right food grade 3PL service provider for your business


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