Food Grade Warehouse

Warehouse Distribution Services

McLane Global offers a wide array of logistical services beyond receiving, storing and shipping. Our 285,000 sq. ft. facility is designed to offer a variety of food warehousing services that meet the needs of businesses large and small. We will organize your inventory, manage your distribution needs, and safely store your goods. Our warehousing is state-of-the-art and hosts some of the finest software and technology advancements to coordinate all of your logistic needs.

Food Distributors License Info

FDA Food Facility Registration Number 12388191188

Texas Department of State Health Services License Number 1001007

FDA Food Facility License number for California – 13752949668

Food and Beverage Warehouse Amenities

  • Rack and Floor Storage
  • Receiving, Storage and Shipping: any unit level including piece, case or pallet
  • Receipt Verification with Key Detail: quantity, dating, lot, serial number, etc.
  • State-of-the-art, Real-Time Inventory Management: track lots or dates, access your actual up-to-date inventory
  • Transportation staff dedicated to arranging shipments and utilizing our network of carriers
  • Ambient, Conditioned Cold and Freezer Food Storage
  • Transportation Route Management: Efficiency Maximization and Rate Minimization

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